Increasing children’s appetite for healthy foods

Remco Havermans

presentation by Remco Havermans, Maastricht University, at Online Healthy Nutrition Conference (25 November 2020, 14:30 – 18:00 CET). REGISTER HERE to attend

Why do children eat what they eat? Very simply, children choose to eat what they like and refuse foods they do not like. In other words, food liking is one of the most important drivers for children’s food choice and intake. The foods that children like are foods they are familiar with. Foods are accepted when they look, feel, smell, and taste familiar. Increasing the acceptance of certain foods then simply requires repeated exposure to that food. Importantly, this exposure includes tasting.

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What do you know about food and health interaction in children?

Edgar van Mil

by Edgar van Mil, Prof. MD, PhD, pediatric endocrinologist and special chair holder (together with Remco Havermans) Youth, Food and Health, Maastricht University – Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo


We all need food to survive. Nutritious food is needed for a good health. This is what we all know, but when it comes down to making choices in what we define as healthy food, do we really know the value of food to our health? Or do we at least know via what mechanisms these considered good foods lead to health?

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