Reveal the hidden value of eggshell membrane – Presented by Chang Liu, Eggxpert

Chang Liu, Eggxpert, will speak at Healthy Nutrition Conference, on June 26, during AgriFood Innovation Event in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, scientific data and insufficient eggshell membrane management, EGGXPERT is initiating an innovative project of developing ESM into skin and health care products by employment of scientific researchers and advanced technologies.

We would start from skin care application because of quicker market entry and its impact function.

In our talk, we will show you the robust functions of eggshell membrane from scientific point of view and our innovation and sustainable solutions for product development.

We believe our solution will save egg farmers at least €10,000 per company (medium size) per year and further bring high value for their waste stream. We believe our unique selling point (USP) of being world’s first 100% egg membrane-based natural product will most serve the consumers.


What drives you?

I believe both traditional wisdom and scientific research. I believe in the power of revealing hidden value from nature resources.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?

EGGXPERT is created by two Chinese ladies studying in Netherlands, who are seeing the huge eggshell waste problem. We dare to innovate and propose 100% sustainable solutions. We show you how we start and where we are heading to. How we design our product with best environment friendly thoughts. Come and share with us.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?

EGGXPERT’s product developments involve advanced technology used in biomedical fields and corresponding biological function tests. This multidisciplinary approach brings the potential of the biowaste in high value and wide applications. Besides, the whole product packaging design is not only based on 100% environmental-friendly materials but also with advanced smart printing technology which makes us the unique and smart.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?

  1. Combination of traditional Chinese medicine philosophy and advanced technologies for novel agrofood product design and development
  2. Innovative ideas of using eggshell biowaste, contributing to a more circular economy
  3. Saving egg farmers at least €10,000 per company (medium size) per year

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?

  1. Lack of expertise in skin care applications
  2. Limited funding resources which bring
  3. Difficulty in convincing local farmers to work together

“Special Quote”

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

About Chang Liu

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine family background and Biobased Materials academic specialization, Ms. Chang Liu proposed an innovation idea of applying eggshell membrane into skin care products during her master study, which actively received positive feedback and strong interest from Dutch egg industry. In 2017, together with her business partner Dr. Rong Wang and great support from Brightlands Innovation Factory, she successfully founded EGGXPERT B.V., which is focusing on developing eggshell biowastes into high-value products.


EGGXPERT was founded in 2017 by two Chinese female entrepreneurs with strong scientific background, which is facilitated by Brightlands Innovation Factory and Brightlands ecosystem. Aimed at contributing to a circular economy, EGGXPERT is developing sustainable solutions for eggshell biowaste from Dutch poultry industry, by employing traditional Chinese medicine wisdom with advanced modern technologies. From agrofood biowaste into high-value products, EGGXPERT will target various applications in cosmetic, health care and life care industries.

About AgriFood Innovation Event
On June 26-27, 2019, the 3rd edition of the global AgriFood Innovation Event will take place in Venlo, The Netherlands.

The event will include a two-day expo, four conferences – 3D Food
Printing Conference, Healthy Nutrition Conference, Vertical Farming
Conference and Smart Farming Conference and more activities such as lab
tours, demo corners.

3D Food Printing Conference:
Research and development (taste, texture, structure, flavor, color, nutrition) | Technologies for 3D Food Printing |Ingredients for 3D Food Printing | Business Models | Patent / Legal and Regulatory issues | Investment opportunities

Healthy Nutrition Conference:
Food Innovation and health | Intestinal Microbiology | Behavioural Gastronomy | Nutritional Sciences and Food Law / Regulation | Smart & Healthy Ingredients | Sustainable Food Manufacturing | Food design | Funding

Vertical Farming Conference:
Available technologies – LED lighting, sensors, AI | Plant condition issues like: CO2, Nutrients, Irrigation, Climate, Lighting | Food safety / HACCP | Robotics | Improved resource-use efficiency | Sustainable Buildings (design, green roof, energy) | Smart Cities / Architecture / Urban Design | From traditional farmer to vertical farmer

Smart Farming Conference:
Available technologies for Farming 4.0 – drones, sensors, Internet of Things, Robotics, Big Data, AI and more | Precision agriculture | Precision Livestock Farming | Plant and crop science for improved resource-use | Investment in R&D | New business models | Cross disciplinary themes

For more information about the conferences and the expo, we invite you to visit:

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