Healthy eating and design – from behaviour change to system change – Presented by Geke Ludden, University of Twente

Geke Ludden, University of Twente, will speak at Healthy Nutrition Conference, on June 26, during AgriFood Innovation Event in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Design (for example, design of packaging, retail environments, food products) has been used for decades to influence the choices we make about the food that we eat. In recent years, it has also been used to raise people’s awareness of the importance of living a healthier life and to support healthier food intake.

We have seen this in the design of information campaigns, the design of monitoring and coaching systems, changes to the public environment and the design of dedicated products that can support healthy eating. We can expect good designs that influence eating behaviour to be effective, but we cannot expect miracles. This is mainly because our designed interventions have to compete with a myriad of other impulses.

A broader perspective on healthy eating and design, that moves away from a focus on individual responsibility and focuses on system change might be able to bring the change our society needs.


What drives you?

A passion for how design all around us influences the choices we maken and the responsibility that that brings to designers and design researchers.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?

The presentation will offer a design perspective on food and healthy eating and will explain how design can contribute to a healthier food system by focusing on different levels of the system (person, group, society).

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?

The trend towards personalisation (of food, of lifestyle interventions and digital health technology in general) will bring many new opportunities for healthy eating.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?

Better engagement of people with the personalised products, systems and interventions.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?

Personalisation should not mean that we forget to think about the social and environmental level in a system.

“Special Quote”

Design changes!

About Geke Ludden

I am associate professor in the chair of Interaction design, Department of Design, Production and Management and a DesignLab fellow at the University of Twente.

I am editor of the Journal of Design Research and have published in major design and (e-)health journals such as International Journal of Design, Design Issues and the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

I am co-editor of the book ‘Design for Behaviour Change’ published by Routledge. I study how the design of products and systems influences people’s behaviour and motivation and focuses on products and systems that support healthy behaviour or that are used to follow a therapy at home.

About University of Twente

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About AgriFood Innovation Event

On June 26-27, 2019, the 3rd edition of the global AgriFood Innovation Event will take place in Venlo, The Netherlands.

The event will include a two-day expo, four conferences – 3D Food
Printing Conference, Healthy Nutrition Conference, Vertical Farming
Conference and Smart Farming Conference and more activities such as lab
tours, demo corners.

3D Food Printing Conference:
Research and development (taste, texture, structure, flavor, color,
nutrition) | Technologies for 3D Food Printing |Ingredients for 3D Food
Printing | Business Models | Patent / Legal and Regulatory issues |
Investment opportunities

Healthy Nutrition Conference:
Food Innovation and health | Intestinal Microbiology | Behavioural
Gastronomy | Nutritional Sciences and Food Law / Regulation | Smart
& Healthy Ingredients | Sustainable Food Manufacturing | Food design
| Funding

Vertical Farming Conference:
Available technologies – LED lighting, sensors, AI | Plant condition
issues like: CO2, Nutrients, Irrigation, Climate, Lighting | Food safety
/ HACCP | Robotics | Improved resource-use efficiency | Sustainable
Buildings (design, green roof, energy) | Smart Cities / Architecture /
Urban Design | From traditional farmer to vertical farmer

Smart Farming Conference:
Available technologies for Farming 4.0 – drones, sensors, Internet of
Things, Robotics, Big Data, AI and more | Precision agriculture |
Precision Livestock Farming | Plant and crop science for improved
resource-use | Investment in R&D | New business models | Cross
disciplinary themes

For more information about the conferences and the expo, we invite you to visit:

This event is organised by Jakajima. For a complete list of upcoming conferences and events, we invite you to visit

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