Speaker Partners

Below you can find the speaker partners of the 2017 edition of the conference, which took place on June 29, 2017, at Villa Flora, in Venlo, The Netherlands.

Space10SPACE10 is a future-living lab on a mission to design a better and more sustainable way of living.

Our mission is to investigate the future of urban living by detecting major challenges that will impact people on a global scale, and exploring possible solutions. The overall goal is to create opportunities for a better and more sustainable way of living in the future.

Euro CoopEuro Coop is the voice of the co-operative retailers in Europe and brings together the national associations of consumer co-operatives in 19 European countries.

Euro Coop is active in the areas of food policy, food sustainability, and co-operative distinctiveness, both in front of the European institutions and among its members.

Maastricht University Campus VenloCampus Venlo is the satellite campus of Maastricht University in Venlo, where education and research is focused on food, health and logistics.

The interdisciplinary research conducted within these fields is stimulated by the active involvement of food business operators and the Province of Limburg.

vivara CJ Wildbird Foods Ltd. / Vivara has become a leading specialist in the development and sale of products for small wildlife (mostly wild birds). The main USP is the exclusive relationship with many nature conservation associations at home and abroad, which millions of members represent. We are mainly active in the European market (10 countries) which grows autonomously annually. The relationships with green partners, product diversity and infrastructure in B2B and B2C markets give CJ Wildbird Foods Ltd. / Vivara a strong position in this niche market.
VUB-B-PhotVUB B-PHOT is a leading centre of expertise in optics and photonics, developing smart solutions for, among others, food safety and industry 4.0.

Internationally recognized for its fundamental and applied research, B-PHOT focusses also on industrial-oriented innovation. VUB Photonics Innovation Centre facilitates the complete technological value chain, from development to prototyping.

WUR Wageningen UR is a research institution that focuses on the domain ‘healthy food and living conditions’ to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life.

We do fundamental research all over the world. We also train professionals who, in the near and distant future, will discover breakthroughs in science and technology.