Joachim Schneider – Presentation & Workshop Session, Organised by Maastricht University, Venlo Campus

Joachim Schneider will moderate during the Presentation & Workshop Session, Organised by Maastricht University, Venlo Campus “How can we increase appetite for healthy food in youth – some facts, and some (joint?) actions” at Online Healthy Nutrition Conference (25 November 2020, 14:30 – 18:00 CET). REGISTER HERE to attend

About Joachim Schneider

Engaged and invested in the personalized nutrition and health space.
*Business Liaison Chair “Youth, Health and Food” of Maastricht University, at Venlo Brightlands Greenport.
*Invested and engaged in Dutch Screening Group (
*Investor and Chairman of the Advisory Board of Foodned, owner of HAPP, “The future of food is personal”,,

HOW DID I GET HERE? Chose AG because it’s outdoors and global…and everybody needs it! Studies in the Philippines with DAAD, 2 years in Western Samoa with GIZ. PhD plant pathology. 34 years with Bayer, 16 jobs, everything except HR, finance, manufacturing. 15 years Germany, 20 years abroad (US 4, UK 5, France 5, Jap, 1, China 2 on/off, NL 5). 21 years crop protection, 14 years seeds. Vegetable Seeds since 2013. Recently became part of BASF as result of Bayer’s Monsanto acquisition. Now RETIRED! And still enthusiastic about nutrition’s under appreciated role for global health. Here specifically how personalization of nutrition and medicine via smart measurements, analytics, data exploration and education can maximize positive effects both for improved health of individual consumer and for a more sustainable planet via a better matched demand/supply chain.

The Healthy Nutrition Conference (November 25, 14:30-18:00 CET) approaches innovation in nutrition in two areas: Healthy Nutrition for Young People and Cultured meat and sustainability.

  • The session focused on nutrition for youth is organised by Maastricht University, Venlo Campus and will include interactive workshop sessions with topics such as “Which information or sources do parents use/need to let children eat healthier? And what is still missing?”; ” Where should nutritional education for children take place? At home, at school or on the internet? And which way of education works best?”.
  • The cultured meat session brings together speakers from Wageningen University, Mosa Meat, GOURMEY and INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, who will discuss technological aspects, as well as business specifics of lab-grown meat.

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