Food safety begins with shopping

Food safety begins with shopping

It is important to instil in your kids the rules of food safety right from the start, and this doesn’t have to be boring. A trip to buy food can be made into an adventure. Get your kids excited by choosing the recipe together and then making a special shopping list where kids can include their favourite foods. After the list is done, it’s a good time to let your children know about a few food safety rules that will make shopping go more smoothly:

Check the Quality of the Food

When shopping for fruit, don’t buy anything with broken skin, since that acts as an entryway for bacteria. Let your child play the role of the fruit inspector who checks the quality of your selections. You’ll see how this safety rule can actually become a fun game. Your new food inspector can also check the expiration dates of fresh packaged food like meat, fish and dairy products. Any food that is past the expiration date — or will be by the time you plan to eat it — gets banned. Read more


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