The Future of Healthy Nutrition

How can innovation in nutrition help to improve the well being of the growing population in the world? The importance of healthy nutrition is of paramount importance, which starts with healthier eating from childhood, within the context of choice. The impact of technology requires a cross-sector knowledge exchange and cooperation.

The Healthy Nutrition Conference brings the food industry, scientists, retailers, foodservice providers, government and those working in nutrition, together to enable collaboration and innovation and to support a sustainable healthy nutrition landscape for the future.

Focus topics of the conference are:

  • Youth and Healthy Nutrition
  • Personalised Nutrition
  • Sustainability
  • Food Innovation and Health
  • Cultured Meat

Who should attend?
Food science and manufacturing | R&D | Food marketing and brand management | Retailing | Nutrition | Public health | Regulation authorities | Senior citizens | Policy makers | Government institutes | Health insurers

The 3D printing technology will be fundamental to the way people interact with food in the future. Supermarkets are already testing to 3D print customized cakes, caterers / restaurants are offering printed desserts. Some even claim that there will be a 3D food printer in every home soon. However, much research is required to change the hype into reality. Which industries will be influenced by the technology? Which food components can be printed in the near future? And which aspects should be taken into account to ensure safety and maintainability of 3D printed food?

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Healthy Nutrition Healthy Nutrition  Healthy Nutrition Healthy Nutrition